2013 Bath

Bath, Somerset England  November 25-28, 2013



The conference is designed to sustain and develop the ongoing conversation between academics, translators and theatre practitioners. Twenty-minute papers in English are invited on any of the following areas:

• La dama boba

• El castigo sin venganza

• Don Gil de las calzas verdes

• The performance contexts / reception of Spanish Golden Age Theatre

• Translation / adaptation and performance

• Comedia translation / performance historiography

• The comedia and the trials of the foreign

• Comedia Studies: where now?

This list is, of course, not exhaustive or exclusive. But it is anticipated that the conference will focus on the specific plays as well as on more general questions of translation, performance and cultural transmission.

A volume of selected essays will be published.

If you wish to present a paper, please send a brief proposal (maximum 250 words) to the conference organisers Susan Paun de García (garcia@denison.edu) or David Johnston (d.johnston@qub.ac.uk) by 15 December 2012. Proposals will be refereed by a panel. If you wish to be a lead participant in one of the roundtable discussions, please indicate that by the same date.


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