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Bruce Burningham, President, Illinois State University

Darci L. Strother, Vice President for Membership & Registration, California State University, San Marcos

Glenda Nieto-Cuebas, Vice President for Membership & Registration-Elect, Ohio Wesleyan University

Esther Fernández, Vice President for the Annual Conference, Rice University

Rob L. Turner III, Treasurer, University of South Dakota

Erin Cowling, Secretary, MacEwan University


Mindy Stivers Badía, Indiana University Southeast

Robert Bayliss, University of Kansas

Ian Borden, Johnny Carson School of Theatre and Film

Judith G. Caballero, Millsaps College

Melissa Figueroa, Ohio University

Mina García, Elon University

Chad M. Gasta, Iowa State University

Anthony Grubbs, Michigan State University

Ben Gunter, Florida State University

Valerie Hegstrom, Brigham Young University

Harrison Meadows, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Tania de Miguel Magro, West Virginia University

Susan Paun de García, Denison University

Yuri Porras, Texas State University

Emily Tobey, Independent Scholar

Lynn L. Vidler, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

Kerry Wilks, Wichita State University

Jason Yancey, Grand Valley State University


Donald T. Dietz, President Emeritus

Barbara Mujica, President Emerita

Robert Johnston, President Emeritus

Susan Paun de García, President Emerita


Donald T. Dietz, Founder of AHCT

David Gitlitz (1942-2020), University of Rhode Island

Matthew D. Stroud, Trinity University

Vern G. Williamsen (1926-2014), University of Missouri, Columbia

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