Strategic Planning Update

The AHCT is deep into a strategic planning effort, ahct2028, which is intended to help drive the organization forward into the next decade. Following a SWOT analysis that sought input from the entire membership, the AHCT Board recently approved revised Mission and Vision statements as well as a series of strategic themes to guide the organization’s future planning. (See below) Goal Teams will work together this spring to draft a series of goals and metrics to help guide the AHCT’s future decision and planning processes.

I wish to express my sincere gratitude to all who responded to surveys and calls for comments, to the Goal Teams (listed below) and especially to the ahct2028 Strategic Planning Committee: Kerry Wilks, Bruce Burningham, Jason Yancey, Ben Gunter, Harley Erdman, Amy Williamson, Susan García, and Rob Bayliss.

–Laura Vidler, ahct2028 Chair

The AHCT is an internationally recognized organization that promotes, researches, and archives dramatic texts, performances, and translations of Early Modern Iberian and Latin American Theater. We collaborate and engage with affiliated organizations that share related missions and continue to grow and improve.

As a community of scholars, practitioners, theoreticians, dramaturgs, teachers, and enthusiasts, the AHCT fosters appreciation, promotes production and translation, disseminates research, and raises awareness of early modern Iberian and Latin American drama, theater, and performance. We leverage our community’s expertise and enthusiasm for this rich theatrical and cultural tradition by organizing conferences, enhancing professional connections and mentoring, publishing and recognizing outstanding scholarship and theatrical production, engaging in fundraising, preserving and maintaining a digital archive through a user-friendly website, and engaging the broader public through pedagogy and other forms of outreach.

Excellence and Innovation in Early Modern Theater Research: AHCT promotes and fosters scholarly activity of the highest quality that engages with Early Modern Iberian and Latin American Theater and Performance. (Rob Bayliss, Chair, Christopher Oechler, Bruce Burningham, Ian Borden, Glenda Nieto, and Judith Caballero)

Promotion of Performance, Translation and Appreciation of Early Modern Theater: AHCT promotes, produces, supports, and archives performances and new translations of Early Modern Iberian and Latin American Theater, including the development of dramaturgical resources. (Ben Gunter, Chair, Harley Erdman, Jason Yancey, Jonathan Wade, Susan Paun de García)

Professional Development and Mentorship: AHCT is committed to creating opportunities for the professional development and mentorship of current and future scholars, practitioners and administrators at all stages of their careers. (Valerie Hegstrom, Chair, Laura Vidler, David Hildner, Emily Tobey, Amy Williamsen, Yuri Porras)

Growth of Intellectual and Financial Capital: AHCT is committed to raising the financial resources, and fully employing the intellectual capital of its members, to reach its goals. (Rob Turner, Chair, Tony Grubbs, Mindy Badía, Bonnie Gasior)