AHCT Prizes

Deadline for Submissions: TBA

This year we will call for nominees for two AHCT Founders’ Prizes: The Franklin Smith Comedia Translation Prize and The Matthew Stroud Comedia Article Prize. More details will be forthcoming.

2021 AHCT Founders’ Prizes Winners:

The Walker Reid Comedia Production Prize: Teatro Inverso’s Rosaura

The David Gitlitz Comedia Prize in Pedagogy and Mentorship:

Winner: Glenda Y. Nieto-Cuebas, Ohio Wesleyan University

Nominees: Erin Cowling, MacEwan University; Kerry Wilks, Wichita State University; Jason Yancey, Grand Valley State University

2020 AHCT Founder’s Prize Winners:

The Vern Williamsen Comedia Book Prize: Yolanda Gamboa and Bonnie Gasior, co-editors of Making Sense of the Senses: Current Approaches in Spanish Comedia Criticism (2017).

The Donald Dietz Comedia Prize in Service to the AHCT: Lynn Vidler, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

Approved by the AHCT board 3/30, 2016