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ATHE: Association of Theater in Higher Education

AITENSO: The  website of the Asociación Internacional de Teatro Español y Novohispano de los Siglos de Oro, created and maintained by A. Robert Lauer

AITENSO Conference Information – 10 al 14 de Octubre de 2019

AITENSO – Textos en línea: A list of links to texts that are online

ArsTheatrica:  Enlace sobre la comedia en la Universidad de Valencia

Biblioteca Nacional, Teatro del Siglo de Oro:  Link from the BNE on Golden Age Theater

Biblioteca Virtual:  Argentinian site with electronic texts of many literary works, including comedias

Bulletin of the Comediantes

CELSIT: Centro Latinoamericano de Creación e Investigación Teatral

Centro Virtual Cervantino: A site of the Instituto Cervantes

Cervantes Project: A comprehensive site at Texas A and M University dedicated to Cervantes, including his collected works, biography, bibliography, and images

Cervantes Virtual: A marvelous site dealing with Hispanic literature at the University of Alicante

La conquista de América: An anthology of colonial Latin American texts with notes in German, at the University of Mainz

Cultural Readings: Colonization and Print in the Americas: The University of Pennsylvania’s site has a vast collection of materials dealing with colonial Latin America

DICAT: Diccionario biográfico de actores del teatro clásico español and CATCOM, Las comedias y sus representantes: base de datos de comedias mencionadas en la documentación teatral (1540-1700)

Embassy of Spain: Spain/USA Foundation – Performing Arts

GRISO:  Grupo de Investigación del Siglo de Oro at the University of Navarra

H-Cervantes: A Cervantists site that encourages scholarly exchanges

IDEA: Instituto de Estudios Auriseculares

InfoEscena: From Spain, a web site devoted to the theater, music, and dance in Spain

Instituto Nacional de las Artes Escénicas y de la Danza:  Official site of the Spanish Ministry of Culture

LABERINTO: An electronic journal designed for those interested in early peninsular and Spanish-American literature by Chris Weimer, Barbara Simerka, and James T. Abraham

Mining Company: Spanish Language: a site devoted to information about Spanish language and literature and Hispanic culture

Museo Nacional de Teatro:  Official site of Spain´s National Theater Museum in Almagro

Out of the Wings:  Spanish and Spanish American Theatres in Translation  A contextualized resource of Spanish-language plays for English-speaking practitioners and researchers

El Polifemo: Eric W. Vogt’s site dealing with “El Polifemo,” by Luis de Góngora, that also offers a link to Professor Jehle’s own anthology of poetry from the Golden Age

Project Gutenberg: The site that aims to contain electronic texts of all World Literature

Quevedo Bibliography: If you interested in Quevedo studies, see this bibliography prepared by Roger and Clare Moore

Red del Patrimonio Teatral Clásico Español

Sonetos del Siglo de Oro: Golden Age Spanish Sonnets: A site by Alix Ingber of Sweet Briar College, devoted to the sonnet of Spain’s Golden Age, presenting more than 100 sonnets along with English translations

The Spanish Play: a link to a group in England that is regularly performing Classic Spanish drama

Teatro Príncipe Virtual: A beautifully prepared site by J. M. Ruano de la Haza at the University of Ottawa

Tirso’s Plots and Characters: A database with linked lists of all of Tirso’s characters together with a study of the use of names in Tirso’s plays, plus plot summaries in English and a search utility


BlogTheatrica:  Blog de ArsTheatrica sobre el teatro de los Siglos de Oro

El patio de comedias:  Blog del proyecto de teatro clásico TC/12

GRISOblog:  Blog for GRISO

Festivales / Jornadas

XXXIII Jornadas de Teatro del Siglo de Oro de Almería: Sitio oficial

Festival de Teatro Clásico, Almagro: Sitio oficial del festival

Festival de Teatro Clásico, Olmedo: Sitio oficial del festival

Theater companies

Compañía Nacional de Teatro Clásico: Sitio oficial de la compañía

Commercial Sites

University Press of the South

Chadwyck-Healy: To find their offerings in Spanish, search their site for keyword “Spanish.”

Academia Editorial del Hispanismo

Richard Tyler Files: Plot summaries in English of hundreds of comedias, transcribed by Errol King

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